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[presentation]Posted by Falk Heinrich 27 Apr, 2011 01:39

-- Nov. 2018 three articles out:

Heinrich, F., 2018. ‘Bisociation of Artistic and Academic Methods’ in Journal of Problem Based Learning in Higher Education, Aalborg University Press

Heinrich, F., 2018. Into the Woods with Heidegger – Reflections about an Artistic-Academic Experiment in Journal of Somaesthetics, Aalborg University Press, Vol. 4

Heinrich, F., 2018 ‘Participatory Aesthetics: The Function of Imagination’ in An old Melody in a New Song: Aesthetics and Psychology. Series: Annals of Theoretical Psychology, Springer.

-- My book Performing Beauty in Participatory Art and Culture is out.
Can be order:



-- July 2013: Routledge is going to publish my book entitled Performing Beauty in Participatory Art and Culture

-- June 2013: finalized article on art and experience design: "Den oplevede oplevelse", to be published in MÆRKK skriftserie, Aalborg University

-- Maj 2013: article "On the integration of academic and artistic methodologies" published in Peripeti - tidskrift for dramaturgiske studier, Aarhus Universitet

-- Maj 2013: head of study CAT (School of Communication, Art and Technology)

-- 2012: board member for RELATE (Research Laboratory for Art and Technology, (Aalborg University)

------- in the process of learning to dance tango

-- going to be a visiting scholar at Stanford University (April - July 2011) trying to do some 'serious' research meaning writing a book)

--- going to dance for Archauz's senior dance company, Århus: premiere on April 5th, 2011 --> it went well, it was funny and a bit nostalgic too.

short bio

Head of RELATE Research Laboratory of Art and Technology
Aalborg University, Dep. of Communication

I am the author of the book Interaktiv digital installationskunstteori og analyse (2008) and Performing Beauty in Participatory Art and Culture (2014)

My general research interests is 'performative aesthetics' and my work -- focusing on notions like affect, presence, beauty and communication -- attempts to form bridges between certain discourses in the human sciences, sociology, and engineering.

I am affiliated with the study program ‘Art and Technology’, Experience Design, and RELATE (Research Laboratory for Art and Technology). I teach Digital Aesthetics, Artistic Methodology, Concept Development, and Narrative, Dramaturgy and Media.

Previously, I have been working as an actor, theatre director, and installation artist. My current theoretical investigations continue to develop in close relation to practical, artistic work.

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