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[presentation]Posted by Falk Heinrich 27 Apr, 2011 01:39

-- My book Performing Beauty in Participatory Art and Culture is out.
Can be order:



-- July 2013: Routledge is going to publish my book entitled Performing Beauty in Participatory Art and Culture

-- June 2013: finalized article on art and experience design: "Den oplevede oplevelse", to be published in MÆRKK skriftserie, Aalborg University

-- Maj 2013: article "On the integration of academic and artistic methodologies" published in Peripeti - tidskrift for dramaturgiske studier, Aarhus Universitet

-- Maj 2013: head of study CAT (School of Communication, Art and Technology)

-- 2012: board member for RELATE (Research Laboratory for Art and Technology, (Aalborg University)

------- in the process of learning to dance tango

-- going to be a visiting scholar at Stanford University (April - July 2011) trying to do some 'serious' research meaning writing a book)

--- going to dance for Archauz's senior dance company, Århus: premiere on April 5th, 2011 --> it went well, it was funny and a bit nostalgic too.

short bio

Associate Professor
Head of Study CAT, School of Communication, Art, and Technology
Aalborg University, Dep. of Communication

I am affiliated with the study program ‘Art and Technology’, Experience Design, and RELATE (Research Laboratory for Art and Technology). I teach Digital Aesthetics, Artistic Methodology, Concept Development, and Narrative, Dramaturgy and Media.

Previously, I have been working as an actor, theatre director, and installation artist. My current theoretical investigations continue to develop in close relation to practical, artistic work.

My general research interests is 'performative aesthetics' and my work -- focusing on notions like affect, presence, beauty and communication -- attempts to form bridges among certain discourses in the human sciences, sociology, and engineering.

I am the author of the book Interaktiv digital installationskunstteori og analyse (2008).

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