Falk Heinrich

Falk Heinrich


[art] flexVoices (2004-07)Posted by Falk Heinrich 10 Oct, 2009 20:54
production: studioRU
co-produktion: wahlberg light & motion design

Idea Falk Heinrich, Sensor technology Mads Wahlberg, System- og sound programming Rasmus Lunding, Set design Christina Back, Production leader Lone Hersted, Composer Hanz Hanzen, Visuals Per Høier
in collaboration with CAVI (University of Aarhus)

supported by: Danish Art Council, Statens Kunstfond; Århus Kommunes Kulturpulje; Pulje for elektronisk musik, Århus; Tuborg Fondet

The artistic vision behind the digital installation fleXvoices is the creation of unknown forms of sense perception. Human ability of sensation is highly determined by biology and culture. With digital technology as means, we are able to establish different, un-natural combinations of the human sense apparatus, which open up for new aesthetic experiences.

FleXvoices is an interactive installation which investigates the artificial relationship between body movements and vocal expression. This is done by using data that describe the body's kinaesthetic actions, in order to manipulate and transform the participants own vocal utterances real time. Hereby the installation establishes a new mode of propioception. In this circuit, the internal, 'natural' link between vocal expression and the sensation of those expressions (external and internal listening; semantic and vocal expectancy) is disturbed and enhanced by digital manipulation of vocal data. In this perspective, the installation is a new kinaesthetic sound instrument.




The installation is a bodily game with voice, sound and pictures, that opens op for a virtual realm, in which the participant becomes a fictive figure in his own dream. The dreamer acts liberatly and will be acted at the same time. But this dreamlike vocal universe adapts a resistant position as well. The participants' movements evoke a visual world (HMD and projection) made op of still photos showing life in all its cruelty, happiness and longing.
The participant has the feeling of being a medium, possessed by digital spirits. He utters sounds, but it isn't his voice, he hears. He moves his body, but the movement changes his vision. Metaphorically speaking, the photos emanate an anti-Cartesian space of spirits, whereas the manipulated voice is their tongue.
It is the installations aim to invite the public participant into a virtual aesthetic universe, which facilitates the participants' experimentation with movement and voice