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[art] |:dacapo:| (2002-04)Posted by Falk Heinrich 11 Oct, 2009 15:28
|:dacapo:| - an interactive installation with 1 live performer

premiere: Sept. 5th 2001 KaserneSceneN, Århus

director: Falk Heinrich . performer: Lisbeth Sonne Andersen . head of production: Lone Hersted . soundscape: selectricity . scenography & computerprogram: studioRU . texts: based upon The story of O by Pauline Réage; Falk Heinrich, Lisbeth S. Andersen

Funded by the Ministery of Culture (Udviklingsfond), Århus Kommune, Århus Festuge, Kulturhus Århus

|:dacapo:| is an installation, which places itself right between theatere and installation art. The aim of this work of art is to discover a new type of relationship between audience and performance-stage. The central idea is to bring the audience into the performance as active participants. This will open up a completely different type of art-experience. We want the visitor to explore the installation, to discover the woman inside the cube and to find out more about the secrets she's trying to hide. It's like a crime story where the visitor himself has to figure out the plot and the rules at the same time. The theme of our project is the audiences process of experience.

The installation basically consists of a large cube made of silver and transparent glass placed in the centre of a dark room. Inside the cube is a young woman with flowing hair wearing a white silk coat. The visitor is able to walk around the cube and interact with the cube and the woman inside the cube via different types of media.
The video-side: In front of this side of the cube, there is a small table with a computer mouse on it. The visitor can use the mouse to trigger videos, which are projected onto the silver wall of this side of the cube. These video show the woman dancing and telling erotic stories about love and sexual oppression. While hearing her own voice, the real woman inside the cube can react to her own videos. Maybe she doesn't accept the female stereotypes, which are presented by the images? Maybe she acts violently in order to divert the visitors' attention? Maybe…?
The glass-side: Here, the visitor can look at the real woman through glass. She too can see the audience. How is she reacting to the kinky video-clips, shown just around the corner? There is also a keyboard and a monitor. The visitor can type questions and a computerprogram will respond. He might ask her personal questions, or he might encourage her to sing a song, or to tell him a silly joke… how is the computerprogram answering and how is the woman reacting?
The torso: Through a tiny hole in the torso the visitors can a tiny screen. By caressing her genitals and breasts the visitors can both trigger videoclips and manipulate videolayers. Each combination will show a new aspect of the mysterious woman.

The diary: Approaching one of the other sides of the cube, the visitor will find a set of head phones hanging on the silver wall. Through the headphones he will be able to hear the whispering and intimate voice of the woman, reading from her diary about a nightmare, her first boyfriend, or a picnic on her fathers grave. Through a tiny peephole he can also see glimpses of the woman, live. The curious visitor turns into a first class voyeur.