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[art] Happy Hour (2001/02)Posted by Falk Heinrich 22 Apr, 2011 18:26

Happy Hour

a multimedia-performance

21.3.01(premiere) - 24.3.01 på Entrescenen, Århus, kl.20 --

25.4 - 27.4 at Kasernescenen, Århus, kl.19

19/ 20. 5 at Åpne Teater, Oslo, kl.20

Author and directorFalk Heinrich Dramaturg: Nina Godtliebsen Sound artists: Selectricity Performers: Lone Hersted, Mads Nielsen Puppeteer consultant: Anelia Alexandrova

Happy Hour is a play for two actors, a director and a sound programmer. The project juxtaposes dramatic text and digital technology. Here interactive sound modulation and painting animation projections interact with live physicality of performer. They complement each other in a dramatic narrative.

New Danish Drama. The text Happy Hour is the story of a meeting between a modern couple (Woman, Man) in a fairy-tale universe. Here they are able to transgress their lonely everyday life. Their identities are at stake as they reveal their narcissistic and modern fantasies about being celebrities. These fantasies make them feel alive. The Woman as a TV presenter, the man as the fairy-tale writer. However, with the arrival of the mysterious Guest, events start occurring. They perform an interview employing the writer¹s latest fairy tale "Happy Hour" as theme. Little by little, the gates of the chaotic and irrational open, and the Man and the Woman are absorbed by their fairy-tale world. The Princess (Woman) exercises the merciless cruelty of the spell and exposes the Hero (Man) to impossible trials doomed to fail. The everyday power struggles now show in the mutual relationship between the fairy-tale characters. Urged on by the Guest, their eccentricities escalate to the erotic grotesque and to the point where their identities merge with the fairy-tale characters. The Guest is a Trickster, a clown who challenges, extends, and distorts their game to the point of absurdity. The Guest has the two main characters oscillating between the different fictional layers; the living room, the TV studio and the fairy tale. As they return to their everyday life, the Man and the Woman, sat in each their corner, resumes to roles of doubting individuals.

The multimedia aspect of the theatre project is closely related to the Guest. Using the "digitial dance system", the Guest shapes and manipulates the others¹ voices and singing in real time and in prewritten scenes. The Guest¹s movements are transmitted through censors, which measure the joints¹ angle size. These data are transmitted to a computer programme. Here the sound from the Man and the Woman¹s micro porters are modelled. Every censor influences each of the sound features (pitch, pace, filter etc). The result is a direct and inextricable connection between the Guest's movements and the Man and the Woman¹s voices. The Guest becomes director and a modern puppeteer. The Man and the Woman experience self-alienation. Their voices merge with the Guest's

Aesthetic forms of expression: The scrip¹s different fictional layers are reflected in the different acting styles: the naturalistic tradition is juxtaposed with the more stylised visual tableau style: the private versus the extreme theatricality. The digital technology experiments emphasise this particular style of oscillating between tradition and innovation. By way of digital dance systems makes, the Guest can manipulate the voices of the actors. The Guest's movements are directly linked to the two characters¹ voices and language. This form of manipulation is employed in certain text and singing sections written especially for this performance. In Happy Hour Studio RU are collaborating with sound artist and technician Thomas Wernberg (www.selectricity.dk)